Sensational Sixes

  • Game type: Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 3 Reels
  • Number of lines: 1 Lines
  • Coins per line: 3 Coins per line
  • Wilds with multipliers

Game Description

Take a spin with the elegant and sophisticated styling of Sensational Sixes, a classic 3-Reel slot machine dolled up with a vintage 1930's Art Deco theme. Light up Icons including BAR's, black spades, red hearts, blue diamonds, and green clubs to win big. Sensational Sixes is packed with 3-reel slot action and 3-reels does not mean low prizes, there are the three wild icons with 2X, 4X, and 6X multipliers to keep the big wins coming! If you hit all 3 multipliers you'll win the jackpot!

Don't get stuck behind the times, try Sensational Sixes