Win $10,000 in our $20,000 Epic Bingo Party Win $10,000 in our $20,000 Epic Bingo Party

Win $10,000 in our $20,000 Epic Bingo Party

More cash prizes are coming your way, as our Big Bingo event is now the $20,000 Epic Bingo Party! Taking place on May 28th in the Tourney Bingo room, this event starts things off at 6:00PM EDT with 10 $1,000 Guaranteed games as the Top of the Hour and Mid hour specials. But it's 11:00PM EDT when the main event, the $10,000 Guaranteed Game kicks off. So, make sure to not miss out on this amazing bingo event!

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A one-night Bingo event with a prize pool of $20,000. Event consists of 10 warm-up $1,000 guaranteed games and a main guaranteed game with a $10,000 cash prize.


Event will take place in our Tourney Bingo Room on Saturday, May 28th at 6:00PM EDT with 10 warm-up games and main event will be at 11:00PM EDT.


The cards for the warm-up games can be bought for $2.00 each and the cards for the main event will be priced at $5.00 each a promo for ALL cards of Buy 3 and get 2 Free with cap set at 120 cards per player.

Join our growing family of Big Bingo Winners!

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