Hoo Hey How Hoo Hey How Hoo Hey How

Hoo Hey How

  • Game Type: Video slot
  • Number of Reels: 3×3 reels
  • Number of Lines: 1 payline
  • Mobile and desktop compatible
  • Win up to 3500 coins

Game Description

Hoo Hey How is a traditional Chinese dice game. Unlike other dice games from around the world, there are no numbers. Instead, the six faces show a fish, prawn, stag, crab, gourd and cockerel. What SimplePlay has done here, is combine this fun dice game into the format of a slot, thus creating Hoo Hey How slot. Not only have they made this delightful combo come to life, but they have gone back to the classic slot format. Unlike other games, this one has a simple 3×3 reel setup and just one payline. This means that any matching symbols need to land on the central reel. As you'd expect from the name of the game, all the symbols are the same as those found in the dice game. The top paying icon is the golden fish and this is where you get that top prize of 3500 coins if you land three on the reels. What's also great about this slot is that you can win prizes for landing just one or two symbols as well! Why not get spinning on this slot and see if the dice is going to roll your way!