• Game type: Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 5 Reels
  • Number of lines: 30 Lines
  • Coins per line: 5 Coins per line
  • Drill Scatter Pay Feature
  • Glass Cutter Click Me
  • Wild Reels
  • Bank Heist bonus round

Game Description

Professional heist man Neil Quailand takes down scores, that's what he does best. For 7 years, every job he's done has been clean, profitable and without a trail.... and for 7 years, Detective Albert Kowalski has been one step behind. As Quailand zeroes in on the biggest score of his life - a bank vault with an excess of 9 million pounds in cash - Kowalski knows that this last big job could be his final chance to get his man. Only one man will walk away on top... cop or villain, in the HEIST.

With time against you, who will win through? Spin the reels in this action packed 3D video slot, filled with money making features including Scatters, Wilds and a glass cutter bonus round that reward you with fantastic prizes. Trigger the Bank Heist bonus round bonus feature to become Neil and experience the thrills of breaking into the bank vault. Choose your method of entry into the vault and try to escape before Detective Kowalski finds you!

Prepare for the heist, because once you are here - there is no going back.