Haunted House Haunted House Haunted House

Haunted House

  • 3 reels
  • 1 payline
  • Any symbol win
  • Free spins

Game Description

Are you ready for a scare? Then take a look at Haunted House from Eurasian Gaming. This simple slot has just three reels, with one payline running through the center. But, don't be afraid, this slot still offers a lot of extras. Set on an eerily smokey, swamp backdrop, the reels are no less creepy. There are three ghosts sitting on these reels, just waiting to jump out at you. However, where this game really comes into its own is the fact that you don't need to match up the same ghosts, or the other symbols. Instead, landing each of the different ghosts fully on the payline will also give you a win. However, for the other lower-paying symbols such as the skull candle, chandelier, or door, you will need to get the exact match. Land the icon with the game logo at any time, and you'll be awarded 12 free spins.