Viking Age

  • Game type: 3D Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 5 Reels
  • Number of lines: 30 lines
  • Coins per line: 5 Coins per line
  • Runestone Doors Click Me Feature
  • Multiplier Free Spins Feature
  • Coin Toss Arm Wrestling Bonus Round

Game Description

Vikings. The Legendary warriors from the north. Like most adventures, they spend their lives looking for treasures in remote lands across the sea. Fearless explorers, they stopped at nothing to find what they seek. Crossing deadly seas and strange lands without hesitation or apprehension, always under threat, many wish them death but they have a strong drive to survive. Brave souls, always exploring new frontiers in search of one thing, and one thing only... Treasure!

Are you tough enough to call yourself a Viking? Join Amma the Viking, and her two companions Erik and Elgrimm as they explore strange lands and encounter Runestone doors and multiplier free spins along with the chance to test your strength in the Arm wrestling bonus round as you search out fantastic winnings.